The Gorilla® Ovens are tough both inside and out. We took the problem areas and weak points of the competitors, and turned them into some of our greatest strengths!              


It's "Gorilla Tough"...so go ahead, swing from the doors!


     Every Gorilla® is constructed from the ground up utilizing laser-cut and precision welded 1½" Steel tube. The entire frame is also chemically powder coated to provide endless protection from rust and corrosion.


Door Hinges and Latches

     All Gorilla® Ovens hinges and latches are constructed of 1/8" thick Stainless Steel material bolted to a 1/4" thick Stainless Steel frame.


18 ga. Exterior

     The exterior of the Gorilla® oven is made of rugged 18 gauge Stainless Steel and has the added protection of numerous corner guards and bumpers.