Electronic Ignition

     Every Gorilla® Re-thermalizing Oven is equipped with an electronic ignition. The Gorilla® Oven also features color-coded illuminated pilot flame and main burner cycle indicators.


Temperature Settings

     Getting a consistent temperature is important when preparing food in large volumes. The Gorilla® Oven features Thermostatically Controlled Temperature Settings.



     The 600 Model can hold up to 60 full size food pans. Pans are easily loaded two deep on any of the five levels. The unloading is made safe and easy with the patented "Pan Pulls" which bring the rear pan to the front in one simple motion.


Fire Power

     With 228,000 BTU on the 600 Series, 24,500 BTU on the 200 Series, you'll have enough fire power for practically any size of job. Capacity loads of similar products can be re-thermalized from 35° to 140° degrees in as little as 30 minutes! (Based on 60 full size pans of product with oven pre-heated to 450°)