The Port-A-Pit® cooking system originated from a barbecue machine invented by Nelson Gongwer. From his backyard in a small Indiana town, Nelson grew his system into a successful catering and fund raising business and the greater potential for his cooking machines became obvious. Today, into the family’s third generation of owners, the Port-A-Pit® system is the backbone of numerous food service companies throughout the United States and abroad.

     With a core business built around its volume-driven approach to fundraising and large corporate catering events, the Port-A-Pit® system has the capabilities to produce premier quality products for large events at low costs. The Port-A-Pit® machine, coupled with a solid business plan, is the key element to this ability. As competitors struggle with food quality, extensive labor costs, and equipment logistics, you can experience growing profit margins, greater efficiencies, and an increasing brand loyalty. With the Port-A-Pit® cooking system, these advantages become routine with each event.

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