Performance Base


     In an economy where every dollar counts, finding equipment that yields the Performance and Consistency you Need, and is built with the Quality & Durability you Want, can be a challenging endeavor. ...Look no further!

     The newly available “VIP Performance Base Unit” is exactly what you need. Listening to the request of our potential and existing customers, we are now making available the VIP Grill in its “core unit” form. Dubbed “The Performance Base Unit”, it will quickly and easily become the all-important “Base” for your “Performance” Needs. The Patent Pending “aircraft” inspired throttles allow chefs to easily and consistently control the 180,000 BTUs of cooking power, yielding the intense, high-volume output & all-around performance that chefs and caterers consistently need. The rugged, welded steel tube frame that is the foundation of every VIP Grill, puts the construction quality well above any of the competitors, and allows the VIP to withstand the most abusive environments.

     The importance of making an investment in the right piece of equipment is more important today than ever before. Although there are numerous “less expensive” choices when looking for a production grill, the savings on the lesser quality models will ultimately prove to be short-lived. The VIP Grill is one Investment that will Outperform, and Outlast anything on the market today, with its impressive appearance, it will look good doing it!

     Performance that you need, and Quality that you want, at a price that will prove to be the best investment you can make on a commercial Grill.